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Jana Rollova is a designer specialized in leather goods, shoes and jewelry. After Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague she was part of International Fashion Design Program at IFM in Paris. She lived and worked inParis for 14 years and nowadays she’s based in Prague with her family. She designs leather goods collections for international luxury brands and runs her own brand of handbags, jewelry and accessories under the name JANA ROLLO.


Jana Rollo jewelry and leather goods combine inspirations from living nature and technology. Light futuristic earrings and necklaces are constructed of circular geometric shapes. Clutches for daily or evening use made of best quality Italian and French leather. Characteristic feature of her work is lightness, play of light and unique approach to craft. 

Visit SmetanaQ Showroom, to see the latest collection or send me a message to set an appointment in SmetanaQ in my studio. 

Adresse: SmetanaQ Showroom, 1st floor, Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Praha 1 

Photo credits: 

Tomáš Mikule, Lionel Samain, Ryon Drey, Thu Huong Truong



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